Reshape (single)

by Krussia

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written and composed by Alexander Kalnev, Randy Runyon, Devin Collins, BigYuki Hirano, Glen Cavanagh

mixed by Uri Djemal at A Bloody Good Record Studios, LIC, NY
mastered by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio, NY, NY


Lyrics -

1st Verse :

Hesitant to speak it,
Let it disappear before I let it break the feeling,
Way before a couple cell phones and a beeper,
Nights in a Uhaul truck when I was sleeping,
Till the sun rise,

In nature a week doesn't exist,
I came with open palms then I turned it to a fist,
This city eats the weak so you turn a hypocrite,
Watch the jungle make a predator out of a pacifist, yes,

Dressed in scars, chasing falling stars,
But haven't seen one hit the ground thus far,
Maybe chaos is the order I seek,
Rain drops from the clouds hit the rainbow with bleach, as I reach,

For the surface, am I destined to drown,
Wonder if the glass was half full as I go down,
Slow down, but I'm only going faster,
Waves repeat
Nowhere else to go,
but everywhere
- I'm gathering speed,

1st Chorus :

The moves are grim, but there's no dirt
You asked for it, so be alert
They need what ears don't see
Eyes have never heard

I'm in between, but overboard
I spin the wheel, I'll make it work
as I lurk through you...

2nd Verse :

Безсонные спутники
распутья рассудка
сути твоей нет
среди доступной

вне полемики
рамок времени
беспредел иль ты на берегу
империя ничья не знает
про перекур

зовут живые мёртвые
поперли бро, на пох..
с галёрки,
полукровка полный

эта бездомная каменоломня понта
с ней не томно мне
где потолка нет
о каком вы дне?

в этих водах неводом ноты
тремоло гром
I am a rebel
стёрты кеды
You know the name

по куклам страхом купленым
их дубликатам рухляди
пали на буквы три
I made you look, - смотри

баллистики словестной Misfit
говорит с тобой
неистребим голос
бестия мыс призрак
вместе мы где,
лишь там
истина видна
хоть и любая из них
порой себе
тина и стена

2nd Chorus

The moves are grim, but there's no dirt
You asked for it, so be alert
We got what ears don't see
Eyes have never heard

I'm in between, but overboard
I'll make it work, but who is hurt
Is it me or is it you..

Coda :

Tell me what's the reasons
All of them been used
What are the excuses
All have been refused

Yea, i got my reasons
None of them been used
Lighter in one hand
In the other one the fuse


released May 3, 2017



all rights reserved